Viacom Television Stations Group Launches a Series of New Web Sites Using FlexibleEnterprise
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Viacom Television Stations Group Launches a
Series of New Web Sites Using FlexibleEnterprise
Reston, VA -- June 3, 2005

This week, Viacom Television Stations Group launched the first in a series of approximately 40 local television websites with FlexibleEnterprise, the latest SLICCWARE product, as the core component for all search-related sections of the sites. The remaining sites will be launched, approximately one a week, over the upcoming year.

SLICCWARE Corporation is proud to play a central role in the launch of Viacom Television Stations Group series of integrated local websites. SLICCWARE will be providing FlexibleEnterprise™ for the purpose of searching the site content, CBS and Associated Press news stories, and the video feed from CBS, (which includes the award winning 60 Minutes). In addition to searching CBS content, FlexibleEnterprise™ will be used to search Crain's New York Business feed provided by FinancialContent, sports related stories provided by Sports Network, and local news from a variety of local online sources. Besides news, the user will be able to use FlexibleEnterprise™ to search local events provided by World Entertainment News Network, local weather provided by Weather Underground, and restaurant information from two integrated sources: Gayot and Open Table.

FlexibleEnterprise™ will also provide the ability to integrate search results returned by partners such as LookSmart and Verizon Super Pages into the overall search experience. Finally, in an attempt to make online advertising a desirable experience, SLICCWARE will be providing specialized software for managing and integrating targeted advertising from both national and local advertisers that wish to reach very specific local audiences with timely meaningful ads. SLICCWARE is hopeful, that as time goes on, more sources will be added to the availability list for searching, including other very prominent Viacom properties -- making this an even more rewarding search experience for the user.

SLICCWARE Corporation is a small high-tech company located in Northern Virginia. SLICCWARE as been at the forefront of targeted search technology, including localized search for over six years, and has been used by some of the best sites.

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