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SLICCWARE Unveils Xrospoint™ at FOSE
Reston, VA -- April 5, 2005

This week, at FOSE 2005, SLICCWARE unveiled its latest product, Xrospoint™. Xrospoint™ is a powerful software package that promises to revolutionize the way information is retrieved from large complex data repositories.

Xrospoint is based upon a new, very powerful technology, for which SLICCWARE is in the process of obtaining a patent. The technology, Secure Virtual Data Warehousing, allows data from various sources to be indexed and accessed through a single virtual data structure while remaining secure within the original data source. This single structure can be of any type the designer wishes, relational, tree-structured, objectized, etc. Special indexing methods, including index inheritance greatly increase the flexibility and performance of the system.

In addition to the advanced indexing and virtualization technologies, Xrospoint™ supports multi-level security and compartmented access for the data. This makes it a natural fit for use within a secure installation.

SLICCWARE plans to present Xrospoint™ to the

SLICCWARE Corporation is a small high-tech company located in Northern Virginia. SLICCWARE as been at the forefront of targeted search technology, including localized search for over six years, and has been used by some of the best sites.

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