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SLICCWARE Corporation is a small employee-owned high-tech software firm centered in Reston, Virginia. Since 1998 SLICCWARE Corporation has been defining the state-of-the-art for data retrieval software. Being an employee-owned company allows SLICCWARE™ to be driven by more than simply a bottom line. At SLICCWARE™, a major driving force in every decision we make, in every action we take, is pride. Pride in our technology, pride in our quality, pride in our service, and pride in our integrity. In short, pride in ourselves.

Pride In Our Technology: At SLICCWARE™ we take a great deal of pride in the fact that our software is always out front on the leading edge of technology. We have always pointed with pride to the fact that we constantly lead our competitors in both capabilities and performance.

Having introduced the concept of categories and distance to the world of city guides back in 2000, in 2003 SLICCWARE began to address the the many problems that arise when attempting to search accross multiple data sources. The result was Xrospoint™, a powerfull set of virtual data warehousing tools that allow complex data systems to be accessed in ways never before imagined, and at speeds that are hard to comprehend. This new technology, for which a patent is pending, is destined to define the way in which data is accessed in the future.

Pride In Our Quality: At SLICCWARE™ we take a great deal of pride in the quality of our software. Developers follow strict guidelines both in producing and testing new software. We believe features and performance are nothing if the software is not reliable. To that end we are constantly testing our products, looking for any flaw, and immediately addressing flaws as they are found. We welcome feedback from our clients. And, to prove it we offer unrivaled response to problem reports. Our goal is to keep our server products running so problem free that administrators forget they are there.

Pride In Our Service: At SLICCWARE™ we take a great deal of pride in the service we offer our clients. Our employees are proud of our products, and want them to be used in the best way possible. For that reason we are eager to answer questions and assist our clients with any rare difficulties they may be having. Often we find ourselves responding to the plausibility of new ideas as to how our software could be used. Creativity does not end with the delivery of our software. The true creativity can be found within the clients who use it!

Pride In Our Integrity: At SLICCWARE™ we take a great deal of pride in simple integrity. We are very excited about our technology. And we know of its many advantages. We do not need to stretch the truth. When asked a question, we will strive to be as candid as possible. It is important to us that all our clients be not only satisfied, but excited with our software. And if we exaggerate to make a sale, they will be neither. So come prepared, armed with real requirements, and force us to present our case. Then do the same with our competition.

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