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SLICCWARE Releases FlexibleSearch™ 2.0
Reston, VA

Today, SLICCWARE Corporation, a high-tech software firm located in Reston, Virginia, released version 2.0 of their flagship product FlexibleSearch™. Version 2.0 incorporates new technology that vastly improves the perfomance when dealing with large data sets, giving it a distinct advantage over its competition.

Said Randy Foster, president of SLICCWARE Corporation, "With FlexibleSearch™ 2.0, someone can actually set up a true web mall with numerous large department stores, each containing large numbers of departments and thousands of items for sale. And, what is more, updates could be made to inventory and pricing for any of the many departments among the many store fronts in near real time."

He, also, went on to talk about the benefits to the online customer. "Customers would be able to search a number of selected departments from selected stores, or all departments from all stores, with results not only sorted in a fashion of their choosing, but also categorized in some fashion, possibly by the store or department."

But e-commerce is not the only area targeted by FlexibleSearch™. Numerous features exist for use in retrieving news articles, searching classified ads, creating yellow page sites, city guides, entertainment guides, and even dating services. FlexibleSearch™ contains a vast assortment of indexing and sorting capabilities, making it play well in almost any information retrieval environment. FlexibleSearch™ is also supported on the most popular server platforms such as Solaris, Linux and the various Windows servers.

Finally, with the recent release of Application Tool Set 2.0, which ships free of charge with FlexibleSearch™, the design of complex retrieval systems is brought to the level where web designers and editors can deal with it. The Application Tool Set allows the user to create indexes and templates using simple point and click methods with the aid of powerful online documentation. And a developer version of FlexibleSearch™ allows the user to test the results on his own PC without the need of a server.

In closing the president stated, "With FlexibleSearch™, designers are now far less limited by their tools. They are far more free to push the boundaries of their own limits -- the limits of their imagination and talent."

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