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SLICCWARE Begins Work on Distributed Enterprise
Reston, VA

This week, SLICCWARE Corporation, a high tech software firm in Northern Virginia, announced it was beginning work on a new product it called FlexibleSearch™ Distributed Enterprise. Said SLICCWARE president Randy Foster, "FlexibleSearch™ Distributed Enterprise will allow users to index and categorize terabytes of information without the need for additional software or prohibitively expensive hardware."

According to a company spokesperson, the new product will contain powerful new technology that will effectively extend the performance capabilities of each machine where it is running, and, he believes, will allow multiple machines to be linked in a fashion which can be more efficient than the method used by the powerful server clusters of today.

The spokesperson was not very forthcoming in describing the details of this powerful new technology, describing the technology as a company secret. We will simply have to wait and see if the new technology proves to be as exciting as he promises it will be.

However, this new technology is not all that FlexibleSearch™ Distributed Enterprise will offer its users. The entire developer interface is being enhanced to provide a true oject oriented approach to template development that includes much tighter coupling with 3rd party web authoring tools. Sections of retrieval logic, as well as sections of HTML display code, will be able to be stored and reused, while being modified dynamicaly to match the current context. Another spin-off of the object-oriented effort, also under consideration, is support for user defined data types. Users will be able to define, store information, index, and sort based upon data types they define using baseline data type attributes and methods.

Finally, using SLICCWARE's Adaptive Access Method technology, administrators and developers will be able to use Application Tool Set 3.0 to monitor and update servers running FlexibleSearch™ Distributed Enterprise software within the confines and under the protection of whatever security measures they have established. They will have more convenience than a web accessible HTML interface, and none of the inherent dangers.

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