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Naval Research Lab Using FlexibleSearch to Power GIG Display
Reston, VA -- December 19, 2003

This week the Naval Research Lab began using FlexibleSearch™ to power its proof-of-concept display for GIG testing. The display, which could probably be best described as the ultimate video flight simulator, uses an enormous curved wall surface to display terrain and a myriad of intelligence objects from around the world.

Prior to the incorporation of FlexibleSearch™, the Naval Research Lab was having a great deal of difficulty finding an access method that could extract data rapidly enough to meet the requirements of the impressive display system. This resulted in a display with a small number of properly rendered objects at the center surrounded by a vast area of textured background -- a far cry from reality.

The problem resulted from the need to extract large amounts of data based upon geographic location and other attributes many times a second. The technological resources at hand simply could not cope!

Incorporating FlexibleSearch™, which only took a day, solved the problem. FlexibleSearch™ had absolutely no difficulty meeting the performance requirements. Most impressive was the ability of FlexibleSearch™ to extract data based upon geographic location at rates, which actually far exceeded the requirements. As Dardo Kleiner, a contractor at the Naval Research Lab working on the project, put it in an email to the president of SLICCWARE: "geo-spatial searches are lightning fast - impressive".

With FlexibleSearch™ as part of the system, the moving display is now seamless and complete. A tribute to what Dardo and his fellow engineers at the Naval Research Lab can accomplish.

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