Dynamic Values

Dynamic data within the Logic Template is data, which unlike literals, must be determined at run time. Three types of dynamic data exist: dynamic values, dynamic text strings, and dynamic date-time values.

A dynamic value may be an HTML variable, a field value, a value generating function, or a numeric expression. A dynamic value is always either enclosed within a pair of grave accents or as part of a larger expression enclosed within a pair of grave accents.

An HTML variable is a name to which a value has been assigned, either as part of a name-value pair within the query URL, or as the result of an assignment statement within the logic template.

A field value is a value extracted from a numeric field within the record currently being processed. It is expressed simply as the name of the numeric field defined within the Load Definition file.

< a href="`_URL`">`_Title` </a>
by `_Author`

A value generating function is any numeric or string function which returns a numeric value. It is expressed by the function name, followed by the argument list enclosed in paranthesis.

IF ( _@MATCH( "News", _Source ) )

. . . . . . .


A numeric expression is any combination of HTML variables, field values, value generating functions, and numeric literals, separated by appropriate operators, and grouped by one or more pairs of parenthesis.

Evaluation of the expression proceeds from the inner-most level of parenthesis outward, and then from left to right within each level. There is no precedence given to any operator over any other.

`( 123 + _MyValue )`

`( ( ( _BaseValue + _Increment ) * 3 ) - 1 )`