Load Definition File

A Load Definition File allows you to define the search engine load. A single search engine load is composed of both a data-store and one or more indexes used to access items from within that data-store.

A Load Definition File is comprised of three major parts:

Use the Definitions part of the Load Definition File to define Data Fields and Scanned Document Sources.

The data-store can contain large amounts of data. And, the associated indexes can contain even greater amounts of data -- far greater. Often, data stored within the same load can come from a number of different sources. To make it easier for the developer to organize the large amount of data and various sources, Flexible Search employs a system of packages and sections.

within SLICCWARE Flexible Search is accomplished through a number of index types: keyword indexes, range indexes, timelines, spatial indexes, geo-spatial indexes. Any one of these index types may be combined with any number of the same or other index types to produce a result set within the search engine.