Timeline Index

Timeline index is a special form of range index which is defined using date-time constants or expressions. A timeline should only be created over a numeric field used to hold date, time, or date-time data. The endpoints are defined by date-time values such as `Jan 1, 2000`, and the size of each slot is a date-time constant such as `1 day`. Items that fall outside the timeline may be included within the slot corresponding to the nearest endpoint, included in a special overflow slot, or discarded from the index.

Timeline indexes are defined by the following properties:



Index Name

Name assigned to the index.

Resource ID

Unique id assigned to the index.

Index Rules

Determines what part of the data an index is to be created over.

Base Time

The starting point or end point for the timeline.


The time span mapped by each slot.

Slot Count

The number of slots in the timeline.

Boundary Flag

Defines how values that fall outside of the base value are handled.


Applied to results returned using this index.