Keyword Index

Keyword indexes are special access methods used to retrieve data within the data-store. Keyword indexes allow users to select items from the data-store by matching words contained within those items. A keyword index need not be against an entire document. It may be, instead, against a portion of the document such as the title. This would allow the user to search for documents whose title contained certain words.

A keyword index is used to index string and text data. A keyword index can be constructed in such a way as to support close matches -- through synonym lookup and stemming, or exact matches, include phrase matching; or both close matches and exact matches. Individual words can be excluded from the index by defining them as stop words within the translate table.

Keyword indexes are defined by the following properties:



Index Name

Name assigned to the index.

Resource ID

Unique id assigned to the index.

Index Rules

Determines what part of the data an index is to be created over.

Stemming File ID

Resource ID of the translate table used if the data is to undergo stemming.


Specifies the maximum number of times a word can occur in a field value before the location of the word is no longer saved.


Turns on the relvancy ranking. Default is OFF.


Applied to results returned using this index.