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PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint Presentations

Keyword Searching with FlexibleEnterprise
The keyword indexing capability of FlexibleEnterprise™allows a user to index meta-data and data sections within a document or individual fields within a data record independently of each other.

Searching Numeric Ranges with FlexibleEnterprise
The range indexing capability of FlexibleEnterprise™ allows a user to index a myriad of numerical data types and, to restrict results based upon information contained within those indexes.

Searching Timelines with FlexibleEnterprise
The timeline indexing capability of FlexibleEnterprise™ allows a user to limit the results from a search to only those items associated with dates within a specific range.

Geo-spatial Searching with FlexibleEnterprise
FlexibleEnterprise™ makes high speed geo-spatial retrieval capabilities an available component of any search. Fully integrated with the FlexibleEnterprise™ assortment of advanced indexing and sorting capabilities, geo-spatial searching and sorting provide a powerful approach to retrieving information associated with geographic locations that vastly out-performs any conventional approach!

Matching Attributes with FlexibleEnterprise
within FlexibleEnterprise™ a number of simple data types such as True-False, On-Off, Yes-No, and even multiple choice and numeric ranking values can be represented as attribute data.

Sorting Results with FlexibleEnterprise
within FlexibleEnterprise™, result sorting can be nested to any level, using any of the supported sorting algorithms: relevance, spelling, value, time and/or date, location, and attribute match.

Categorizing Results with FlexibleEnterprise
Categorizing results within FlexibleEnterprise™ is a fairly simple process. Almost any keyword, numeric range, or timeline index can be used as the basis for a category list.