SLICCWARE Application Tool Set is a graphical environment that allows the user to easilly configure flexible search by identifying data sources and defining indexes, as well as developing any number of access methods for retrieving categorizing, and sorting information.

Four types of files can be maintained within the ATS:


File Type


Configuration Files

Allows you to customize an array of different performance parameters based on your particular data for the different SLICCWARE modules.

Translate Tables

File that provides the information necessary to properly match similar words based upon synonym pairings and root extraction or stemming rules.

Logic Templates

File that serves as a bridge between the data-store and the Display templates. Allows you to define what indexes will searched, any necessary filtering and how the results will be sorted.

Load Definition Files

Defines the search engine load.

SLICCWARE ATS allows you to not only create and edit these files, but also organize and manage them through the use of Projects. Files can reside either on the local disk or on a remote machine.