Creating a DirList Configuration File

After selecting DirList.cfg from the Create New File dialog box the DirList Configuration File editor appears:

The new DirList Configuration file has now been created with the default name DirList.cfg. The default name for configuration files will always be the same name as the module it is being created for, with a ".cfg" extension. Renaming the configuration files to something other than this will not corrupt the file for editing in the SLICCWARE ATS, but the module that the configuration file is intended for will not run.

The tasks along the left side of the DirList configuration file editor represent the categories for the parameters for the configuration file created. The bottom section contains documentation. Clicking in an edit box for a particular parameter will update the window to display specific documentation for that parameter.

You will also notice the new file has been added to the Project Manager. The entry will not have a path specified until the file has been saved.

After you have created the DirList configuration file, the next step would be to edit the file.

Creating a File

Editing a DirList Configuration File