DirList Configuration File

Use the DirList Configuration File to configure performance parameters for the SLICCWARE DirList Module.

Supported Data Values

Setup Values




Required. Must be the value "DirList"


Optional. Is the number of individual content lists that may be maintained by DirList. A content list is a list of files matching certain criteria within one or more directory trees. Dirlist maintains information about the files in these lists, including when they were last added to the list. Files that have been updated since they were added to the list are identified to the calling application, LoadUpdate as having changed. Files which no longer exist but have not yet been removed from the list are identified as having been deleted. The default value for maxsections is 1000.

Communication Values




Required. Is the port number to be used for communications with LoadUpdate.


Optional. Is the number of requests that may be queued on the port. The default is 100. If more requests are received than the queue has room for, they are refused connection.


Optional. Is the number of seconds before communications time out on a read or write through the socket created on dirlistport. A zero indicates the socket never times out. The default is zero (0).