Display Control Values

The following display control values are available for use in the Logic Template:

System Value



Must be set to the ID of the display template to be used for returning data. There is no default.


When set to TRUE, matching either the singular or plural form of a word is counted as a success when the singular form is being searched for. The default is FALSE.


When set to TRUE, quotation marks indicate an exact phrase is being searched for. When FALSE, items within quotes are simply ANDed together for the search. The default is FALSE.


The value indicates the amount of slop allowed when attempting to match an exact quote. Zero indicates a quoted phrase must be matched exactly. The default is 0.


When set to TRUE, a completely negative keyword search is supported, such as “not military”or “not military and not war”. When FALSE, any search must have at least one positive component such as “spending and not military”. The default is FALSE.


When set to TRUE, an asterisk entered into a keyword search returns all items within the index or indexes being searched. The default is FALSE.


When set to TRUE, the results are restricted to items existing within the categories being listed. The default is TRUE.


When set to TRUE, categories being displayed are restricted to categories containing items matching all the search criteria. The default is TRUE.