Creating a Translate Table

After selecting Translate Table from the Create New File dialog box the Translate Table Load Information dialog box appears:

Use the Load Information dialog box to specify the resource id, processing id, trim plurals flag, compress doubles flag and the stemming threshold for the new translate table.

After setting the Load Information, click the OK button to create the new translate table. Note: These settings can be changed at anytime after the translate table has been created. Simply select the Edit menu and choose Load Information... to display this dialog box and edit these settings.

The new translate table has now been created with the default name NONAME1.

The initial list displayed in the translate table editor is the suffix list. You can navigate between lists by using the LISTS task bar along the left side of the translate table editor. Simply click the name of the list you would like enabled.

You will also notice the new file has been added to the Project Manager. The entry will not have a path specified until the file has been saved.

After you have created the translate table, the next step would be to edit the file.

Creating a File

Editing a Translate Table